Tuesday, January 25, 2011


salam alls....hehe

rini dah bejaya wat nuffnang ads...dengan bantuan cik adik molek intan ni...hehe...best2!!

semoga lebih masyuk lepas2 ni...maka saya tak boleh malas2 update blog lg lepas ni...ehehe...leh tgk kat atas blog, tepi ngan selepas setiap entry ada ad by nuffnang...hehe

suke2....ni untuk menjana pendapatan pasif, bak kata orang....=)

jomla kita buat sama2 e...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

felt cake-Asnida's version

 all of it

da second try to make felt cake....dia is mini felt cake...just about cupcakes sizes.for my ex classmate at beseri,asnida..although i dont have many ideas to decorate it, but i think dis time, its better! thanx as, for ur order! =)

they called it 'My E-day!!'

a small budget makes me bought a 'polos' baju kurung moden, then sew some beads on them.....hehe...yes, they called it 'My E-day!!'
  the bookmarks for the guest..

lots of lurvesss~

elin order this again....5 pillows, 3jersey keychains, n 1 luv keychain...using dis design, she gave the design too, to make me easy.

love cake~hantaran for zue

the first try to make a felt cake....how is it??
i think it is not really good as what i planned...but i think its cute enough. juz dreaming of being a better felt cake crafter! wait for my next felt cake!

sapa nak tempah hantaran bolehla e..hehe

motorbike pillow~


after some love.. hehe
amy request this pillow for anwar...actually anwar is my former schoolmate at SEMEKAS, while amy is my collegemate at melaka....
how shocked i am to know they are being together.....i pray forever happiness for both of u!!
its tired to think something new and personalized like that...but i really like them and veryveryvery satisfied with it.thanx for ur order!

for azua~

if u view here, u will find the same one, name'adik'...so i guess azua wants to get its pair...